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Surveying the Greek Chora. The Black Sea Region in a Comparative Perspective

Edited by Pia Guldager Bilde & Vladimir F. Stolba                         
Aarhus University Press 2006
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

Any discussion of landscape archaeology, of the relation between Greek poleis and their territory, and between Greek settlers and the indigene environment is unthinkable without the rich evidence from the Black Sea region. In 2003 the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Black Sea Studies hosted an international conference with the aim to establish an understanding of the territories of the larger Greek Black Sea cities and to take the pulse on the current status of landscape archaeology in the Black Sea region - seen in a comparative, Mediterranean perspective. Though "landscape archaeology" and "survey" are well-known field methods, it soon became clear that the scope and approaches which the two terms describe differ fundamentally. This led to a heated methodological debate. Such a debate is to be welcomed, because this is exactly what leads to scientific progress.

Table of contents and download of pdf-files

Colophon (p. 1-6)

Introduction (p. 7-12)

John Bintliff
Issues in the Economic and Ecological Understanding of the Chora of the Classical Polis in its Social Context: A View from Intensive Survey Tradition of the Greek Homeland (p. 13-26)

Susan E. Alcock & Jane E. Rempel
The More Unusual Dots on the Map: "Special-Purpose" Sites and the Texture of Landscape (p. 27-46)

Owen Doonan
Exploring Community in the Hinterland of a Black Sea Port (p. 47-58)

Alexandru Avram
The Territories of Istros and Kallatis (p. 59-80)

Sergej B. Ochotnikov
The Chorai of the Ancient Cities in the Lower Dniester Area (6th Century BC-3rd Century AD) (p. 81-98)

Sergej D. Kryzickij
The Rural Environs of Olbia: Some Problems of Current Importance (P. 99-114)

Sergej B. Bujskich
Die Chora des pontischen Olbia: Die Hauptetappen der räumlich-strukturellen Entwicklung (p. 115-140)

Vadim A. Kutajsov
The Chora of Kerkinitis (p. 141-150)

Galina M. Nikolaenko
The Chora of Tauric Chersonesos and the Cadastre of the 4th-2nd Century BC (p. 151-174)

Joseph C. Carter
Towards a Comparative Study of Chorai West and East: Metapontion and Chersonesos (p. 175-206)

Tat'jana N. Smekalova & Sergej L. Smekalov
Ancient Roads and Land Division in the Chorai of the European Bosporos and Chersonesos on the Evidence of Air Photographs, Mapping and Surface Survey (p. 207-248)

Alexander V. Gavrilov
Theodosia and its Chora in Antiquity (p. 249-272)

Sergej Ju. Saprykin
The Chora in the Bosporan Kingdom (p. 273-288)

Viktor N. Zin'ko
The Chora of Nymphaion (6th Century BC-6th Century AD) (p. 289-308)

Sven Conrad
Archaeological Survey on the Lower Danube: Results and Perspectives (p. 309-331)

Indices (p. 333-346)