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The Black Sea in Antiquity. Regional and Interregional Economic Exchanges

Edited by Vincent Gabrielsen & John Lund                               
Aarhus University Press 2007
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

This volume addresses a wide range of issues concerning the economic exchanges that took place within the Black Sea region, and between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean areas from about 700 BC to AD 200. The contributing scholars of ancient history and archaeology consider old and new evidence in order to shed light on central aspects of the economic relationship that existed between these two eminently important regions in Antiquity. The authors offer novel approaches and propound a number of fresh interpretations to key questions concerning the relationship between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The overarching question is whether the Black Sea and the Mediterranean were organically linked and thus complemented each other in economic terms.

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Colophon and contents (p. 1-6)

Introduction (p. 7-8)

Alan Greaves
Milesians in the Black Sea: Trade, Settlement and Religion (p. 9-22)

Marina Ju. Vachtina
Greek Orientalising Pottery from Barbarian Sites of the Forrest-steppe Zone of the Northern Black Sea Coastal Region (p. 23-38)

David Braund
Black Sea Grain for Athens? From Herodotus to Demosthenes (p. 39-68)

Alfonso Moreno
Athenian Wheat-Tsars: Black Sea Grain and Elite Culture (p. 69-84)

Lise Hannestad
Timber as a Trade Resource of the Black Sea (p. 85-100)

Andrei Opait
A Weighty Matter: Pontic Fish Amphorae (p. 101-122)

Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen
The One That Got Away: A Reassessment of the Agoranomos Inscription from Chersonesos (VDI 1947.2, 245; NEPKH II, 129) (p. 123-132)

Alexander V. Karjaka
Amphora Finds of the 4th Century BC from the Settlements of the Lower Dnieper Region (p. 133-142)

Yvon Garlan
Échanges d'amphores timbrées entre Sinope et la Méditerranée aux époques classique et hellénistique (p. 143-148)

Vladimir F. Stolba
Local Patterns of Trade in Wine and the Chronological Implications of Amphora Stamps (p. 149-160)

Krzysztof Domzalski
Changes in Late Classical and Hellenistic Fine Pottery Production in the Eastern Mediterranean as Reflected by Imports in the Pontic Area (p. 161-182)

John Lund
The Circulation of Ceramic Fine Wares and Transport Amphorae from the Black Sea Region in the Mediterranean, c. 400 BC-AD 200 (p. 183-194)

Sergej Ju. Saprykin
The Unification of Pontos: The Bronze Coins of Mithridates VI Eupator as Evidence for Commerce in the Euxine (p. 195-208)

Denis V. Žuravlev
Lighting Equipment of the Northern Pontic Area in the Roman and Late Roman Periods: Imports and Local Production (p. 209-238)

Alexandru Avram
Some Thoughts about the BlackS Sea and the Slave Trade before the Roman Domination (6th-1st Centuries BC) (p. 239-252)

Zofia Halina Archibald
Contacts between the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the Black Sea in the Early Hellenistic Age (p. 253-272)

Gary Reger
Traders and Travelers in the Black and Aegean Seas (p. 273-286)

Vincent Gabrielsen
Trade and Tribute: Byzantion and the Black Sea Straits (287-324)

Abbreviations and bibliography (p. 325-374)

Indices (p. 375-394)

Contributors (p. 395-396)