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Contextualizing South Italian Pottery

Conference at the Accademia di Danimarca 16-17 January 2023

Contextualising South Italian Red-Figure Pottery – the case of Apulia 

Research in Apulian red-figure pottery has developed in many different directions over the last 20 years. Excavations, new methodologies in archaeometry and a broadening in theoretical applications in the understanding of the meanings of the vases are contributing to a much more complex history of the production, consumption, and role of red-figure pottery in Apulia. The present conference aims at discussing how we contextualize Apulian red-figure vases through object and collecting histories and what  the implications are for their role in the ancient societies in which they were produced and used.

The conference will focus on the theory, methodology and interpretation of Apulian Red-figure pottery in context. There are different ways of contextualizing pottery and we wish to explore these possibilities. We have divided this into five different thematic subjects reflecting this diversity:

Contextualising through collecting histories

The history of collecting has been instrumental in the research development, but in recent years the exploration of collecting histories has provided much new information about excavations, find contexts and interpretation of objects in private and public collections:
Speakers​​​​​​: Carmela Roscino (Bari), Stine Schierup (Copenhagen), Evelyne Prioux (Paris/Sevre)

Museum communication and contextualisation

Museum collections and the exhibition of Apulian red-figure pottery has been deeply embedded in the tradition of seeing them as carriers of images. This part looks at contextualizing Apulian red-figure pottery in museum exhibitions. How can we broaden the communication and interpretation of the objects in the museum space? We look for examples of other ways to present Apulian red-figure vases:
Speakers: Eva Degli Innocenti (MARTA), David D. Saunders (Getty), Claudia Lucchese (Jatta Museum), Sally Waite (Newcastle)

Losing and recovering lost context

During the twentieth century a high number of Apulian red-figure vases were offered on the art market after being looted from many of the necropoleis in Apulia. In recent years, many new attempts have been made to try to remedy this destruction and loss of documentation, starting with the pioneering work of Marina Mazzei:
Speakers: Fabio Fabrizio (Lecce), Claude Pouzadoux (Paris) & Italo Muntoni (Foggia/Bari), Marie Helene  van de Ven (Aarhus), Anna Rosa Mangone (Bari)

Apulian pottery in different context: necropoleis, sanctuaries, house

Not all Apulian red-figure pottery is found in tombs but very little is known and published on finds from other contexts. This part looks at finds from different kinds of contexts and questions the use and function of Apulian red-figure pottery
Speakers: Lorenzo Mancini (MARTA), Daniele Zumerle (Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene), Francesca Silvestrelli (Lecce), Marisa Corrente (Bari), Lucia Lecce (Berlin), Giuseppina Gadaleta (Università di Bari), Diego Elia (Università di Torino)

Publications, contextualization, digitalisation

Publications and digitalisationa are important tools for contextualisation. The traditions in scholarship have greatly impacted the shape and this part looks at traditions and innovations in the mediation of Apulian potteru. Speakers: Gillian Shepherd (Melbourne), Stefan Schmidt (Munich), Fabien Biévre-Perrin (Rennes), Vinnie Nørskov (Aarhus)

The conference language will be English. Presentations will be 20 minutes and 10 minutes for questions and discussion after each paper. It will be possible to follow the conference online. 
Interested participants should register to Vinnie Nørskov before 12. January 2023: klavn@cas.au.dk