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The Cauldron of Ariantas. Studies Presented to A.N. Ščeglov on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday

Edited by Pia Guldager Bilde, Jakob Munk Højte & Vladimir F. Stolba
Aarhus University Press 2003
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

In this book 23 scholars from Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Russia, and Denmark celebrate the 70th birthday of the archaeologist, A.N. Sceglov, who is one of the senior professors at the St Petersburg State University. 

Sceglov is a pioneer in the investigation and history of ancient Crimea, as well as a widely recognized authority in the study of northern Black Sea antiquities. The Tarchankut expedition established by Sceglov in 1959 explored a number of sites in the remote chora of Tauric Chersonesos. Panskoye I ranks among the most prominent of them, and Sceglov has devoted more than 30 years of his life to this unique and exceptionally well-preserved Greek settlement. 

The contributions to this publication shed new light on a vast range of Black Sea issues: from the earliest settlements and their functions to the formation of a Russian science of classical antiquities. In focus are the important Greek cities Histira, Olbia, Chersonesos, and Herakleia Pontike, their material culture and relationship to their own rural territory and to their non-Greek neighbours.

Until now most research in this area has been conducted solely by Russians and published in Russian, but now the rest of the world can get a glimpse of the Black Sea area during antiquity.

Table of contents and download of pdf-files

Colophon (p. 1-4)

Contents (p. 5-6)

Preface (p. 7-10)

Bibliography of Alexander Nikolaevič Ščeglov
Compiled by Lev M. Vseviov (p. 11-27)

Jaroslav V. Domanskij & Konstantin K. Marčenko
Towards Determining the Chief Function of the Settlement of Borysthenes (p. 29-36)

Marina Ju. Vachtina
Archaic Buildings of Porthmion (p. 37-54)

George Hinge
Scythian and Spartan Analogies in Herodotos’ Representation:
Rites of Initiation and Kinship Groups (p. 55-74)

Nadežda A. Gavriljuk
The Graeco-Scyhtian Slave-trade in the 6th and 5th Centuries BC (p. 75-85)

Alexandru Avram
An Istrian Dedication to Leto (p. 87-91)

Anna S. Rusjaeva
The Main Development of the Western Temenos of Olbia in the Pontos (p. 93-116)

Valentina V. Krapivina
Bronze Weights from Olbia (p. 117-130)

Galina M. Nikolaenko
The Chersonesean Chora in Light of the New Investigations in the Herakleian Peninsula (1991-2003) (p. 131-144)

Sergej Ju. Saprykin
The Chersonesean Farmhouse on Land-plot no. 49 on the Lighthouse Point (p. 145-163)

Pia Guldager Bilde
Wandering Images: From Taurian (and Chersonesean) Parthenosto (Artemis) Tauropolos and (Artemis) Persike (p. 165-183)

Vitalij M. Zubar’ & Evelina A. Kravčenko
Interpretation of a Group of Archaeological Sites in the Vicinity of Tauric Chersonesos (p. 185-195)

David Braund
The Bosporan Kings and Classical Athens: Imagined Breaches in a Cordial Relationship (Aisch. 3.171-172; [Dem.] 34.36) (p. 197-208)

Evgenij A. Molev
Bosporos and Chersonesos in the 4th-2nd Centuries BC (p. 209-215)

Jurij A. Vinogradov
Two Waves of Sarmatian Migrations in the Black Sea Steppes during the Pre-Roman Period (p.217-226)

Sergej D. Kryžickij
On the Problem of the Reliability of Reconstructions of Greek Architecture in the Northern Black Sea Region (p. 227-237)

Pierre Dupont
Crucible or Damper? (p. 239-245)

Sergej Ju. Monachov
Amphorae from Unidentified Centres in the North Aegean (p. 247-259)

Vladimir I. Kac
A New Chronology for the Ceramic Stamps of Herakleia Pontike (p. 261-278)

Vladimir F. Stolba
Some Reflections on the Amphora Stamps with the Name of Amastris (p. 279-301)

Irina V. Tunkina
The Formation of a Russian Science of Classical Antiquities of Southern Russia in the 18th and Early 19th century (p. 303-364)

Jakob Munk Højte
The Statue Bases of Claudius. A Reassessment of The Portraiture of Claudius by Meriwether Stuart (p. 365-388)

Index Locorum (p. 389-394)

Contributors (p. 395-397)