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Chronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period C. 400-100 BC

Edited by Vladimir F. Stolba & Lise Hannestad                              
Aarhus University Press 2005
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

A renewed interest in chronological problems has surfaced in recent years. In this volume deriving from the first international conference of the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Black Sea Studies thirteen contribu­t­ions by scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, USA, Canada, Belgium and Denmark review and discuss the elements on which the chronology used in Black Sea archaeology and history in the period c. 400-100 BC is built up.

The subjects include: amphora and amphora stamp chronologies, coin chronology, the Athenian pottery, epigraphic evidence, and a number of case studies presenting the material on which is based the dating of a series of Greek and barbarian/non-Greek sites and burial monuments on the northern shores of the Black Sea.

Table of contents and download of pdf-files

Colophon and contents (p. 1-6)

Introduction (p. 7-10)

Susan I. Rotroff
Four Centuries of Athenian Pottery (p. 11-30)

Mark Lawall
Negotiating Chronologies: Aegean Ampora Research, Thasian Chronology, and Pnyx III (p. 31-67)

Sergej Ju. Monachov
Rhodian Amphoras: Developments in Form and Measurements (p. 69-95)

Niculae Conovici
The Dynamics of Trade in Transport Amphoras from Sinope, Thasos and Rhodos on the Western Black Sea Coast: a Comparative Approach (p. 97-117)

François de Callataÿ
Coins and Archaeology: the (Mis)use of Mithridatic Coins for Chronological Purposes in the Bosporan Area (p. 119-136)

Jakob Munk Højte
The Date of the Alliance between Chersonesos and Pharnakes (IOSPE I² 402) and Its Implications (p. 137-152)

Vladimir F. Stolba
Hellenistic Chersonesos: Towards Establishing a Local Chronology (p. 153-177)

Lise Hannestad
The Dating of the Monumental Building U6 at Panskoe I (p. 179-192)

Miron I. Zolotarev
A Hellenistic Ceramic Deposit from the North-eastern Sector of Chersonesos (p. 193-216)

Valeria P. Bylkova
The Chronology of Settlements in the Lower Dnieper Region (p. 217-247)

Valentina V. Krapivina
Problems of the Chronology of the Late Hellenistic Strata of Olbia (p. 249-257)

Jurij P. Zajcev
Absolute and Relative Chronology of Scythian Neapolis in the 2nd Century BC (p. 259-273)

Valentina Mordvinceva
The Royal Grave from the Time of Mithridates Eupator in the Crimea (p. 275-285)

Bibliography and abbreviations (p. 287-324)

Index of Places and Names, Index of Names from Amphora Stamps, Index Locorum and Contributors (p. 325-338)