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The Lower City of Olbia (Sector NGS) in the 6th Century BC to the 4th Century AD, Vols. 1-2

Edited by Nina A. Lejpunskaja, Pia Guldager Bilde,  Jakob Munk Højte,
Valentina V. Krapivina & Sergej D. Kryžickij     
Aarhus University Press 2010
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

The Lower City of Olbia (Sector NGS) was excavated by Ukrainian archaeologists between 1988 and 2002. This large city quarter, its architecture and finds, has been analyzed by an international group of scholars from Ukraine, Denmark, Russia and USA. The book is the first publication of the life in a Black Sea city quarter through 1,000 years with complete documentation.

Table of contents and download of pdf-files

Colophon and contents (p. 1-8)

Preface (p. 9)

Sergej D. Kryžickij & Nina A. Lejpunskaja
The Lower City and Sector NGS: history of research (p. 13-18)

Sergej D. Kryžickij & Nina A. Lejpunskaja
The main stages of development of building activity in the Lower City (p. 19-26)

Sergej D. Kryžickij & Nina A. Lejpunskaja
Building remains and accompanying finds, 6th-1st century BC (p. 27-102). Plates 1-48

Valentina V. Krapivina
Building remains and accompanying finds, first centuries AD (p. 103-114). Plates 49-58

Pia Guldager BIlde
The finds: a brief introduction (p. 117-120)

Nina A. Lejpunskaja
A Late Archaic painted tableware (p. 121-142). Plates 59-74

Vladimir I. Nazarčuk
B Black-figured pottery (p. 143-170). Plates 75-87

Olga E. Buravčuk
C Red-figured pottery (p. 171-184). Plates 88-97

Søren Handberg & Jane Hjarl Petersen with contributions by Pia Guldager Bilde, Line M. Højberg Bjerg & Tat'jana L. Samojlova
D Glossed pottery (p. 185-260). Plates 98-152

Valentina V. Krapivina
E Red-glossed pottery (p. 261-268). Plates 153-167

Pia Guldager Bilde
F Mouldmade bowls (p. 269-288). Plates 168-195

Alexander V. Karjaka
G Greyware pottery (p. 289-304). Plates 196-222

Alexander V. Karjaka
H Redware pottery (p. 305-324). Plates 223-258

Nadežda A. Gavriljuk
I Cookingware (p. 325-334). Plates 259-261

Nadežda A. Gavriljuk
K Handmade pottery (p. 335-354). Plates 262-269

Mark L. Lawall, Nina A. Lejpunskaja, Pavel D. Diatroptov & Tat'jana L. Samojlova
L Transport amphoras (p. 355-406). Plates 270-301

Valentina V. Krapivina
L Transport amphoras, Roman period (p. 407-410). Plates 302-306

Nina A. Lejpunskaja
M Louteria (p. 411-418). Plates 307-315

Nina A. Lejpunskaja with contribution by Alexander V. Karjaka
N Thick-walled pottery (p. 419-422). Plates 316-317

Jakob Munk Højte
O Lamps (p. 423-438). Plates 318-326

Pia Guldager Bilde
P Terracottas (p. 439-464). Plates 327-348

Nina A. Lejpunskaja
Q Sculpture (p. 465-468). Plates 349-350

Valerij V. Krutilov
Ra Small stone objects (p. 469-472). Plates 351-356

Valerij V. Krutilov
Rb Moulds (p. 473-478). Plates 357-361

Valerij V. Krutilov
Rc Metal objects (p. 479-482). Plates 362-364

Valerij V. Krutilov
Rd Bone objects (p. 483-486). Plates 365-369

Olga O. Puklina
Re Glass objects (p. 487-498). Plates 370-375

Anna S. Rusjaeva
S Graffiti (p. 499-518). Plates 376-401

Valentina V. Krapivina
T Weights (p. 519-520). Plates 402-403

Alexander V. Karjaka
V Tiles (p. 521-522). Plates 404-405

Alla V. Bujskich
X Architectural details (p. 523-524). Plates 406-407

Appendix 1. Context list (p. 525-588)

Nadežda A. Gavriljuk
Appendix 2. Statistical considerations (p. 589-628)

Bibliography (p. 629-657)