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BSS 14

The Dzarylgaz Survey Project, Vols. 1-2

Edited by Pia Guldager Bilde, Peter Attema & Kristina Winther-Jacobsen
Aarhus University Press 2012
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

This book is a publication of the Danish-Dutch-Ukranian survey project carried out in 2007 and 2008 on both sides of Lake Dzarylgac – that is, in the hinterland of the ancient settlement of Panskoe I on the Tarchankut Peninsula (Northwestern Crimea). The project was the first systematic, intensive survey in the region, and its aim was to investigate the landscape from prehistory until early modern times. The publication concludes that the region was most intensively settled in the Late Classical and Early Hellenistic period. The results were spectacular: a large number of undisturbed Greek and indigenous sites were identified, which have completely changed our understanding of ancient settlement patterns in the region.

Table of contents and download of pdf-files

Colophon and contents (p. 1-10)

Foreword (p. 11-12); Plates (p. 5-6)
P. Attema & P. Guldager Bilde

Chapter 1: Introduction (p. 13-18); Plate (p. 7)
Compiled by P. Guldager Bilde

Chapter 2: Field methodology, recording and analytical procedures (p. 19-36); Plates (p. 7-13)
Compiled by P. Attema

Chapter 3: Environmental aspects of the DSP landscape (p. 37-52); Plates (p. 14-20)
Compiled by J. Delvigne

Chapter 4: The settlement data of the DSP landscape (p. 53-102); Plates (p. 20-175)
Compiled by K. Winther-Jacobsen

Chapter 5: The material culture of the DSP landscape (p. 103-134); Plates (p. 176-177)
Compiled by P. Guldager Bilde

Chapter 6: Prehistory and history of the DSP landscape (p. 135-158); Plates (p. 177-197)
Compiled by P. Guldager Bilde

Chapter 7: The broader Tarchankut and Western Crimean context (p. 159-164)
Compiled by P. Guldager Bilde

Appendix 1: Site catalogue (p. 165-278)
P. Attema, P. Guldager Bilde, W. De Neef & K. Winther-Jacobsen

Appendix 2A: Finds per site (p. 279-377)
S. Handberg

Appendix 2B: Finds catalogue (p. 378-430); Plates (p. 198-232)
S. Handberg

Appendix 3A-C: Soil augerings (p. 434-437)
W. de Neef

Bibliography (p. 438-446)