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Meetings of Cultures – Between Conflicts and Coexistence

Edited by Pia Guldager Bilde and Jane Hjarl Petersen                   
Aarhus University Press 2008
Hard copy from Aarhus University Press

Meetings of cultures arouse strong feelings. In this volume, ninteen scholars from Denmark, France, Georgia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine present a profound discussion covering various topics from the physical arena of the colonial encounters, to the layout of land and protection of cities, to the dynamics of the cultural exchange, to the perception of how it was to be Greek in the Pontic realm, and finally, to the reciprocal strategies exerted by the Greeks and Scythians in Olbia as described in Herodotos's Skythian Tale. Through the many-sided contributions it is revealed how the self and the other are two sides of the same coin - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Colophon and contents (p.1-8)

Preface (p. 9-12)

Jurij A. Vinogradov
Rhythms of Eurasia and the Main Historical Stages of the Kimmerian Bosporos in Pre-Roman Times (p. 13-28)

Pia Guldager Bilde
Some Reflections on Eschatological Currents, Diasporic Experience and Group Identity in the Northwestern Black Sea Region (p. 29-46)

Valentina Mordvintseva
Phalerae of Horse Harnesses in Votive Depositions of the 2nd-1st century BC in the North Pontic Region and the Sarmatian Paradigm (p. 47-68)

Peter Attema
Conflict or Coexistence? Remarks on Indigenous Settlement and Greek Colonization in the Foothills and Hinterland of the Sibaritide (Northern Calabria, Italy) (p. 67-100)

Alexandre Baralis
The Chora Formation of the Greek Cities of Aegean Thrace. Towards a Chronological Approach to the Colonization Process (p. 101-130)

Michael Vickers and Amiran Kakhidze
A Kolchian and Greek Settlement: Excavations at Pičvnari 1967 to 2005 (p. 131-148)

Jakob Munk Højte
The Cities that Never Were. Failed Attempts at Colonization in the Black Sea (p. 149-162)

Alexander V. Karjaka
The Defense Wall in the Northern Part of the Lower City of Olbia Pontike (p. 163-180)

Alexander V. Karjaka
The Demarcation System of the Agricultural Environment of Olbia Pontike (p. 181-192)

Alexander V. Gavrilov
The First Results of the Archaeological Surveys Near Cape Čauda and Lake Kačik on the Kerch Peninsula (p. 193-206)

Tatiana N. Smekalova
Archaeological Sites of the Southwestern Part of Bosporos and their Connection to the Landscape (p. 207-214)

Jane Hjarl Petersen
Kurgan Burials from Nymphaion – A New Approach (p. 215-236)

Nadežda A. Gavriljuk
Social and Economic Stratification of the Scythians from the Steppe Region Based on Black-glazed Pottery from Burials (p. 237-262)

Latife Summerer
Indigenous Responses to Encounters with the Greeks in Northern Anatolia: The Reception of Architectural Terracottas in the Iron Age Settlements of the Halys Basin (p. 263-286)

Natalia G. Novičenkova
Mountainous Crimea: A Frontier Zone of Ancient Civilization (p. 287-302)

Emzar Kakhidze
Apsaros: A Roman Fort in Southwestern Georgia (p. 303-332)

Robin Osborne
Reciprocal Strategies: Imperialism, Barbarism and Trade in Archaic and Classical Olbia (p. 333-346)

David Braund
Scythian Laughter: Conversations in the Northern Black Sea Region in the 5th Century BC (p. 347-368)

George Hinge
Dionysos and Herakles in Scythia ‒ The Eschatological String of Herodotos’ Book 4 (p. 369-398)

Indices (p. 399-420)

Contributors (p. 421-422)